Feature Friday: CreatedHere

Issue #3 of CreatedHere Magazine – Photography: Brent Mccombs  Model: Katie McDonald Surface Design: Dee Wilkie 

1.) What is CreatedHere? (In a few sentences.) 

CreatedHere is a website and print magazine dedicated to showcasing NB creatives. On the site I share features, studio visits and blog posts, and I am also growing a directory of artists and craftspeople. Our province is so diverse so I try to have a good combination of Anglophone, Francophone and Aboriginal artists. I love meeting artists and telling their stories. I want to connect a community of people who love everything handmade and local and grow an appreciation for our artists.

2.) What inspired you to start CreatedHere?
I ran into an old friend who had become a glass artist since I last saw him. I wanted to ask him a hundred questions and find out his story. That piqued my interest and got me wondering about other artists’ stories. I couldn’t find a blog or website like I was picturing so I decided to start my own!

3.) What was the hardest part about starting your own magazine?
Not really knowing what I was doing except that I wanted to do it. Starting something like this feels risky, especially when no one has ever heard of you! Also time. When you have small children, free time is a hot commodity.

4.) What is it like balancing your work life and family life?
It’s a challenge because it often feels like there isn’t enough time to go around. I have to compartmentalize. I often work in the evenings when the kids are in bed, but I do have some day time when my mom or a friend can watch them. It is definitely hard work, but I love having a creative outlet. It means that I get to meet lots of neat people at a time in my life when I would otherwise be mostly hanging out with toddlers!

5.) How long has CreatedHere existed?
The site went live in September 2014, and the first magazine was printed in Spring 2015.

6.) Where would you like to see CreatedHere in the future? 
I want to see a consistent roll of stories on the site as well as a regular magazine going, with submissions from around the province. I’d love to see more variety in the content from other writers and photographers!  It’s my hope that people will look to CreatedHere as a go-to resource about NB artists and a way to get connected to their creative community.

If you want to check out more on CreatedHere, check out their facebook page here.






It’s funny how multiple people can get the same idea at once.  When this happens, I take it as a sign that we (the artists) are on track…whatever that means.  It feels, to me, like we are tapping in to something that is meant to be, something that is greater than us.   Wow! I have never sounded more like a hippy in all my life.

Anyway, back to the story.  Photographer, Lance Kenneth Blakney (who I have worked with before and hugely admire), and I sat at READS Coffee Shop talking about collaborations we were working on together and all things art related  (gosh I love those caffeine induced talks).  During this conversation, one of us (I am not sure who brought it up first) started talking about a photoshoot idea we had in mind that would portray mental illness and how it felt to have mental illness.  The other one was like “omg, I have had the same idea!”  We also had a similar idea of how we wanted the photos to look, not just the concept.

Since we have an AMAZING resource in Fredericton, whose main goal is to end the stigma surrounding mental illness, we immediately thought to contact Wear Your Label and bring them in on this idea.  Lance and I got in touch with Kayley Reed (co-founder of WYL) and she was immediately on board with the idea.

So here is where we are at so far with the project we are calling DEFINE:

Wear Your Label posted a casting call for “role models.”  We were looking for people who have suffered from mental illness who are willing to share their story and help end the stigma.  Last Friday night, Lance, Kayley, Addie Van Rijn (a WYL intern) and I, met to go over the near 100 APPLICANTS WHO APPLIED!! Thank you so much to everyone who was courageous enough to share their stories.

Addie read us story after story out loud in Kayley’s kitchen. It was super impactful for all of us to hear.  Something about reading all of the stories, one after another, really struck me. I still don’t know how to put into words exactly what it was that I felt…but it was meaningful.  Sometimes, after Addie read a story, Kayley would quietly thank that person (out loud) by name. Whether it was to herself or to the universe, I am not really sure. Either way it was beautiful and I felt like the applicants were there with us.

I will keep you posted on where we are at with DEFINE along the way. I encourage you to check out the WYL website and their story in the mean time. ALSO: WE ARE STILL TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR: Schizophrenia, PTSD, and Addictions.

“Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.” – Bill Clinton