The Art Project Does Jamaica: Sweet n’ Sassy Minerals


As most of you know, I am NOT a makeup girl.  I wear makeup about once a week, and even then it is mostly just mascara.  However Sweet and Sassy Minerals was kind enough to hook me up with some swag for my trip down south, and I must say, I really liked it.  The eye shadow was so subtle that there was no way I could have messed it up!  (Although I still made my friend Sara put it on for me. lol)  And the mineral powder was so light I could barely tell that I was wearing any (even in the hot Jamaican heat).

Also, can we just talk about the truffle bombs?!  Coconut lime is the PERFECT down south scent, and I am so happy they picked this one for me.  I truly believe that there are few things better than taking a hot bath and reading your favourite book either while you are away, or taking a “staycation”.

To purchase any of Sweet n’ Sassy’s products, visit Whimsey on Main Street Fredericton.

“Just wing it.  Life, eyeliner, everything.”



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