Feature Friday: Zafira Apparel


Tie Jumpsuit - Sheana Canthan
Photographer: Sheana Canthan
Wrap - Sheana Canthan
Photographer: Sheana Canthan
Photographer: Brent McCombs

How long have you been in the fashion industry?
I guess it depends what you would consider to be working in the fashion industry! I have been making and selling clothes for the past 8 years on and off, but really started my clothing line 4 years ago. And for the past year, I have been working for other companies in Toronto as well as growing my own brand.

What is your favorite garment to make? (romper, dress, skirt, crop
I love creating anything! I still make most of my own samples, so the entire process is fun to me for any new garment I design. If we are talking the actual sewing aspect than the simpler the garment the better! Sewing is so time consuming, but in the sample phase it’s enjoyable.

What is your favorite fabric to work with and why?
I love working with natural fibers, especially cotton because it’s so easy to work with. I have been a lot more experimental with knits though as of recent which has opened up a lot more options with designs.

Where are you located now?
I am currently located living and working in downtown Toronto.

Who is your target market/Zafira girl?
The “Zafira Woman” is a city dwelling 22-35yr old seeking consciously made garments made in exclusive runs. Although I say 22-35, my customers are of all ages! Anyone looking for a unique, comfortable, practical and easy to wear piece. My favorite thing is to create wearable pieces that are versatile.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I have no idea! I used to be scared to not have a bit of a plan in place, but I think i’m in a great place right now and I am excited to see what is to come. Besides Zafira, I am currently a full time designer at Nuvango (www.nuvango.com<http://www.nuvango.com>). They are a vertically integrated fashion and tech company located in Toronto. Their concept is working directly with artists from around the world and putting artwork on fashion and accessories. I am fortunate enough to have a hand in creating the garments and choosing the artwork that we use. I have no idea where this road will take me and I’m not scared about it! Everyday is exciting, it is totally a dream job. With Zafira I can still explore designs, be creative on my own and be my own boss and with Nuvango I get to work with an incredible team on a project that I never saw on my path, but here I am!

What is your most favorite garment that you ever made?
It would be a toss up between my Tie Jumpsuit (which is my best seller) and the Garden Gown from SS’14. My jumpsuit is comfortable, sexy and versatile and the Garden Gown is printed, dramatic and fun.

As a fashion designer, what is your greatest strength and weakness?
My greatest weakness would probably be procrastination and my greatest strength would probably be my perseverance to carry on even when I am faced with many challenges as a fashionpreneur and as a fashion designer in a highly competitive industry.

What is your favorite colour/print to work with when you are
I love working with bold colours but also neutrals and black. Black is so versatile so it’s usually my go to. I am obsessed with prints, so I feel very lucky working as a designer at Nuvango where I get to play with artwork on clothing all day!

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