Feature Friday: Bryanna Chapeskie

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“Hi, my name is Bryanna Chapeskie, I am originally from Ontario but have lived in Halifax Nova Scotia for about eleven years now. I came to Halifax to study Fine Art at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where I obtained my Bachelor in Fine Art. I worked various odd jobs while trying to keep up an art practice. Whatever space I had, I made sure to carve out a place in which I could work. My number one priority after school was to keep working away at my illustration skills. Eventually working full time odd jobs became tough. I felt like I wasn’t following my heart. I wanted to do work that I loved every day, and get paid for it. I decided with my twin sister Alyssa to start my own company called Double Dare Print Studio.

The studio has been going strong for about three years now, we make hand screen print greeting cards and art prints which we sell in local shops as well as online. Eventually I started being approached to do design work for other small businesses, and folks looking for customized design projects. Though I didn’t have a background in design, I worked hard and delivered my best! It was not long after that I decided I would go back to school after seven years to study in the Graphic Design program at NSCC. I’m finishing up my first year there and loving every minute of it. My work is becoming more marketable, yet I am still able to retain a bit of personal work for my own enjoyment. That is a very important balance as a designer and artist because it’s so easy to let the thing you LOVE become the thing you hate once it becomes work and deadlines.
I am inspired by lots of different things, mostly by other artists and designers. I love looking at other people’s work, and hearing about their ideas. The idea generating process is fascinating to me, it’s another reason I love being in school again because I am able to engage with so many ideas coming from so many different types of minds! I have a real passion for illustrated children’s books and hope to someday illustrate my own. Some of my favourite illustrators and designers are John Klassen, Tom Froese, M. Sassek, Mary Blair, and Lisa Congdon. Colour is a big deal to me, it makes my heart skip a beat when I mix bright watercolours on a pallet! That’s what really gets me really excited! I also LOVE paper goods. Stationery, hand printed books, stuff that has texture, and life, and was made with care.
To sum it up, I have lots of different types of things going on at the moment! I love having several creative avenues. Double Dare allows me to do my own thing, and continue to develop my own style, while design allows me to problem solve, and use my skills as an illustrator and artist to transform an idea into a form of visual communication.”

facebook- Double Dare Print Studio
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