Feature Friday: Fredericton Fashion Council

Photography: Scott Saad Model: Emily Dickinson Fashion Design: Lunar Offerings Surface Design: Dee Wilkie

“Just recently turning 4 years old, the Fredericton Fashion Council is continuing to develop into a name that people can rely on for all things local fashion. We keep our social media updated with upcoming fashion events in the area, design collaborations, job opportunities, local boutique sales, etc.

Our members consist of a variety of talented designers, beauticians, boutique owners, hair stylists, bloggers, and models all willing to collaborate and help each other further their goals in the fashion and beauty industries! We have helped host pop up shops, fashion events, and have held talks with successful people in local fashion business.

The above image was a collaboration completely made up of FFC members.

In January we started an official blog and since then it is being steadily filled with content by some of our multi talented members. We will have a few bloggers covering the NBCCD fashion show in April, and we are excited to say that Fredericton Fashion Council has someone to be press for us at Toronto Fashion week this year! We are also working on an FFC boutique space based out of Avenue Eighty-Five, a salon on northside Fredericton.  One of our long term goals is that we will be able to start offering a small annual scholarship for local fashion entrepreneurs. If things keep going well, this could start as early as 2017.

Everything is falling into place and heading in the right direction for FFC and we are always looking for new members! Please check out our blog, and all of the member benefits and information you need to join are on the right hand side bar. Also, follow us on FB!”


“Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best to happen every time, but accepting that whatever happens is best for that moment.”


Kayleigh Saad
President of the Fredericton Fashion Council

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