Working With Adrienne

Two years ago I had just picked up silk painting again, after a brief hiatus, post NBCCD graduation.  After I had dyed a few yards of fabric I thought, “now what?” I knew I couldn’t sew and that if I tried I would go insane.  I really really wanted a maxi dress made with my silk though.  I don’t know why that’s where my mind went.  I mean, you can make practically ANYTHING out of yards and yards of silk, but for some reason, that is what I wanted.

My next thought was, “I know a lot of fashion designers!  Surely one of them could make a dress for me!”  WRONG.  In a city full of NBCCD grads, non of them seemed to be able to take on the project.  Finally, after contacting every fashion designer I knew, I was introduced to Adrienne Goodine via Facebook.  One maxi dress turned into a crop top, a pencil skirt, a cocktail dress and then so much more. We were having so much fun!

Since then, Adrienne and I have had a line in last year’s UNEARTHED (NBCCD’s annual fashion show), worked together on SEVEN, and have done multiple photoshoots (featuring our latest designs) together.  During the above mentioned projects with Adrienne, I have learned a few things about working together.  Number one, our minds (mostly Adrienne’s) are ALWAYS changing.  I see about three different sketches before Adrienne finally settles on an idea she is going to stick with.  Number two, I have learned to totally trust her process.  The quality of Adrienne’s work is impeccable and she makes sure that her work looks great both far away AND up close.  Number three, two is better than one.  Adrienne has a knack for making my hand dyed silk look amazing.  I don’t know how she does it, but she definitely has an eye for which one of her designs will compliment my colours, patterns and designs the best.

“Two is better than one.” – Boys Like Girls


P.S.  Adrienne and I just had our first shoot in 2016 yesterday.  Her sister Patti took some fabulous photos that I can’t wait to share with you all!  Check out my Instagram to get a sneak peak!


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