Sh*t Happens

Photography: Denis Duquette  Model: Athenais Testi Hair/MUA: Amy Barter  Stylist: Adrienne Goodine
Photography: Denis Duquette Model: Athenais Testi Hair/MUA: Amy Barter Stylist: Adrienne Goodine

Sometimes things don’t go how you planned.  However, there have been many times in my art career when an unfortunate event has turned out for the best.  It is in those moments when I seriously believe that art is what God wants me to do.  Otherwise, why else would something fall through only to be resurrected into something even better than I imagined??

Last February I had scheduled a shoot with myself, Adrienne Goodine (a local fashion designer), Athenais Testi (one of our fave models) and a local photographer.  To make a long story short, at the very last minute, it fell through.  In a panic, Adrienne and I started calling local photographers.  Since the shoot was only a few hours away, most of our photographer friends were already booked.

It just so happened that Adrienne and I had been wanting to work with Moncton based photographer, Denis Duquette, for months and I was DETERMINED that the shoot would go on.  Adrienne and I called Denis and told him about our bad luck.  He told us that he would help us out if we could travel the 2 hours to Moncton.  Adrienne and I hoped in my beaten up car and traveled to meet Denis.


The experience we had, turned out to be good in so many ways.  Denis was excellent to work with.  He even had everything that we had forgotten in our rush to get to Moncton. Most importantly, he provided us with some GORGEOUS images of my silk.

“Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.””
John 13:7 NLT



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