Feature Friday: Stephanie McEwan

Photography: Zach Atwell


I first met Stephanie McEwan at the model call for Atlantic Fashion Week and then again in November for the fashion week itself.  I was super impressed by Stephanie’s line.  It was the perfect combination of fashion and wearable art.  So, without further adue, I present to you, Stephanie McEwan.

Stephanie McEwan spends her personal healing and “recuperation” periods exploring gardens, country parks and commons.  She is constantly pressing flower petals and collecting rocks, seashells and other nature ephemera.  Organic shapes, scents and structures drive a large portion of her subconscious habit and artistic practice.

She is currently in her final semester at NSCAD University in Halifax, NS.  This last year has been important in focusing on what inspires her as well as really staying true to what she wishes to create. She is a Textiles and a Fashion student, so her practice involves both the weaving and construction of fashion garments and wearable art pieces.  She really fell in love with weaving in her 3rd year at NSCAD – the technique is rewarding in its cumulative qualities. It is an intricate and tedious process but carries a great history.

Stephanie has taught herself crochet and knit techniques and darned in additional threads to thicken and texturize the clothing. Stephanie thinks a certain lusciousness exists in cloth that is produced by the hand, from the beginning spinning stages to the end manipulations.

Stephanie is inspired by texture and an abundance of texture at that.  Her line, Evangeline, was really the first collection that she combined her interests of nature, texture, weaving and fashion.  Alexander McQueen, Guo Pei and Vivian Westwood are huge insprations to her. She believes that fashion serves as a voice for the wearer, whether political or purely aesthetic.

As she moves forward, she plans to explore surface texture and design. She is also hopeful to continue to build a clientele for her fashions, bespoke pieces and shoes.

To check out more of Stephanie’s amazing work, click here.

“Life is a great tapestry. The individual is only an insignificant thread in an immense and miraculous pattern.” -Albert Einstein



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