My Thoughts On Halftime:

Guys.  Can we just talk about the super bowl last night?!  Number one, the line up was unreal.  Cold play, Queen Bey, and Bruno Mars.  I mean, could you ask for a better crew?  Nope.  Number two, TIE DYE!  Now, contrary to popular belief, the whole flower power thing is not exactly my style.  Yes I love bright colors, and yes I love tie dye, but the whole “flower power”, “love” in bubble letters in the audience at the end of the show is not really my jam.  Now the tie dye on Chris Martins blazer and T-shirt on the other hand…LOVE!  I really liked that it was just accents of tie dye spread out through out their clothing, and not like BAM! Hippy dippy tie dye everywhere.  (Like the flower power umbrellas on the field.)

“We’re gonna get it, get it together right now
Gonna get it, get it together somehow.” – Coldplay



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