A Day Of Rest And Relaxation

If you are like me, winter in Canada brings three things:  snow, cold and as I like to call them, “the dark and twisties”.  The dark and twisties is a term I collected from Gray’s Anatomy.  Basically when best friends Meredith and Christina found each other in a “dark” place or were experiencing depression, they had a mutual understanding that the other one was experiencing the “dark and twisties”.  They normally cured this with drinking lots of tequila and dancing in Meredith’s living room.  Since I do not want to develop a drinking problem, I have decided to do something a little healthier in an attempt to help get me through the winter.

My friend and fellow NBCCD graduate, Hannah Williams and I have organized a mini art/yoga retreat for the end of February.  The seven hour retreat will be held at Fredericton’s Health Source and will consist of yoga sessions from a certified instructor Annie Michaud, meditation sessions, a fascial stretch therapy treatment from my husband Ryan, art journaling sessions and more!

We want this day to be filled with relaxation, self care and rejuvenation.  No experience in art or yoga is necessary!!!  Spaces are limited.  Please contact me or email onedayretreat28@gmail.com to reserve a spot or to get more information.

“Don’t forget to love yourself.”



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