Feature Friday: Wear Your Label

Photo Credit: Darina Todorova

For those of you who have never heard of them, Wear Your Label is a local clothing company who’s main goal is to “end the stigma” surrounding mental illness.  As Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed will tell you, “1 in 5 people live with mental illness, but 5 in 5 have mental health. So why aren’t we talking about it?”  Kayley and Kyle have made it their mission to spread the word and END THE STIGMA!  I wish I could tell you more about their amazing efforts in trying to end the stigma, but this is an art/small business blog so I am going to focus more on the “art” side of WYL for this post.  To learn more about their message (which I believe is important), please visit their website here: Wear Your Label

Designers Kayley Reed & Kyle MacNevin - Tammy Novak Photography
Photo Credit: Tammy Novak

Now for the “art” side of WYL…after meeting with Kayley and Kyle a few times and watching them grow for the past year and a half, the answer to why I am featuring them is simple, they are KILLING IT.  From attending New York Fashion Week to being a part of the Joe Fresh accelerator program, they are more than just an asset to the mental health world or to Fredericton’s small business world.  Wear Your Label is an asset to the art scene here in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Photo Credit: Kelsey Schroeder

Aside from sending notes of encouragement to those who order from them, WYL has something called, “The Bracelet Project“.  Each bracelet comes in a different colour and represents a different mental illness, such as: eating disorders, depression, self harm and anxiety.  These bracelets are meant to serve as a reminder, to whoever is wearing them, that they are not alone.  WYL sources these out to a small business called Swoon Creations located in PEI.  (Yay local!)

Photo Credit: Tammy Novak

WYL also has gender neutral T-shirts featuring graphics that Kayley and Kyle, have come up with themselves.  (They also have ideas sent to them from their loyal customers.)  When they first started out, they completed all of the screen printing in house, on their own.  As the company grew however they had to stop asking their family and friends to help out, and find a company to outsource to.  They now outsource the screen printing to a larger company in North America.

Photo Credit: Ashley Lemmon

Aside from bracelets and T-shirts, WYL has expanded its brand to coffee mugs and toques.  As the company grows, Kayley hopes that their products will grow as well.  Right now it is about finding the perfect balance between wearing something that reminds you, “you are not alone” and wearing something that is still discreet and might not scream to the world, “hey stranger!  I struggle with mental illness!”

If you haven’t heard of WYL yet, I highly suggest visiting their website and checking out their social media pages.  Even if you do not personally stuggle with mental illness, I garentee you know someone who does.  So lets help end the stigma!

“Self care isn’t selfish.”




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