Feature Friday: Scout Development Agency

scout 1
Scout Development Agency was opened in March of 2015 by Denis Duquette and his wife Sarah Duquette (from Boho and Braids). Denis is a commercial portrait and fashion photographer. He has been working in the local industry for roughly 7 years and has worked with a lot of aspiring models in Atlantic Canada.  He has also spent some time travelling to Toronto and working with agency signed models.  After talking to many agents in Toronto he began to see a need for a development agency in Atlantic Canada.

Before Scout, Denis mentored a few local models who had, at the time, gone to Toronto and struggled to make it in the industry.  A few of them got signed, but they still lacked experience and some also had some issues with the agents they met.  It was frustrating for Denis to see the models he had worked with go through that and there really wasn’t anything he was able to do.  He wasn’t officially their agent so he couldn’t call the person who was treating them poorly because they wouldn’t listen to him.

Scout 2

Denis and Sarah finally decided they would start their own agency, Scout.  Denis describes their style as a “mother/development agency”. What is a “mother agency” you might ask? It is when the agency cares for, guides and remains with their models throughout their entire career. When Denis and Sarah place their models with bigger agencies, they stay on as their mother agent. They still book portfolio building shoots and continue to educate them throughout their career (there is a good write up on mother agents here: https://www.modelscouts.com/blog/mother-agency).

The development side of the agency is where Sarah and Denis prepare them mentally, physically and portfolio wise for the industry. They take care of booking their shoots and communicate with the clients and photographers. They promote them on their website and social media accounts and also run workshops roughly every 3 months. At these workshops, (which are 2 full days) they have models who work in the industry, come talk (or Skype) to them about their experiences.  They also have makeup artists talk about skin care and makeup looks, hairstylists talk about hair care and styles, a yoga instructor teach specific yoga poses that are beneficial for modelling, a nutritionist talk about healthy eating and more.

Sarah and Denis also educate their models on the industry; how to act on set, how to talk to people in the industry and on social media etiquette. They stay in touch with all their models and have them work on the things lacking from their current skill set. They want their models to be able to go to Toronto and start working right away and not have to go through the rigours of development in Toronto.

So far, the response has been absolutely wonderful! They were in Toronto, in October, to meet with agencies and the feedback they received was nothing but positive. Scout has made great strides in under a year of being open. Sarah and Denis plan to continue to move ahead at full force to help bring more attention to all the awesome talent we have here in Atlantic Canada.

While Scout is based in Moncton, NB, they represent models from all over NB, NS and PEI. Please feel free to check out their website at www.scoutdevelopmentagency.com.

“The secret to modeling is not being perfect.  What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second.” – Karl Lagerfeld



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