Feature Friday: The Upcycling Junkies

Suzanne and Garry Gaudett are the proud owners of The Upcycling Junkies.  The Gaudett’s take any old furniture they can get their hands on and “up-cycle” it.  They also make custom pieces, as well as smaller “craftier” pieces such as Christmas ornaments. (I ordered a ton this year, they were just too cute AND customizable!)  The great thing about The Upcycling Junkies is that you literally never know what they might dive into next!  It could be a book shelf, a coffee table, or a hand painted sign.

Suzanne and Garry started their small business a little over a year ago.  They love creating new things, and selling their creations through “Whimsy” a lovely store that is a little slice of heaven to anyone who is a lover of supporting local businesses.  They also sell independently out of our their home.

As a family with two young children (and a third on the way), they can’t thank everyone enough for their continued support in their upcycling endeavors!  If you’d like to see more from them  you can follow them on facebook: www.facebook.com/TheUpcyclingJunkies

The Upcycling Junkies
Re-purposing unique finds into creative statement pieces.
“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

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