Feature Friday: Bee Stanton


Bee Stanton is a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for lettering and her home province, Nova Scotia.  She took graphic design in college and from there worked under print shops and did some freelance as well.  Her favorite form of art has always been sketching and drawing. So, as time went on throughout her career, she used drawing as the basis of as many projects as she possibly could.  Bee eventually started posting her work on social media and slowly accumulated a good following.


It was 5 years after graduating that she was “discovered” so-to-speak by a creative exec from Origins Skincare, one of the Estée Lauder Companies. From there she was able to go full time as an illustrator.  Bee developed a distinct style, generally pen and ink with lettering, often nautically themed.  She loves the sea and living in a small province that’s nearly completely surrounded by water.


Her clients are mostly local now, and Bee is working for East Coast Lifestyle, a brand that has been extremely successful quickly after it was started by a young entrepreneur from Nova Scotia.  Bee works from home and stops by the ECL office generally once a week, working for them along with many other clients doing custom artwork, commission pieces and graphic design.  Bee hopes to continue this work and just improve as she goes over the next few years.  She can never be too expecting of what’s to come next, as she had absolutely no idea 5 years ago that she would be where she is now.


“It’s amazing what a pen and paper can create when one adds just a little imagination.” – Bethany Robbins


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