Organizing, Planning and Hating My Life


Does anybody else hate new years resolutions as much as I do?  Actually, it’s not even that I hate them, I just don’t even take them seriously anymore.  When it comes to organization and planning, I am NOT the person to turn to.  I HATE plans, commitments (how did I end up married!?) and worst of all…ORGANIZING!!!!!!  The word itself sends shivers down my spine.  So when the New Year roles around, I always try to make my resolutions something suuuuper easy like, “I will google things more often when I have a question” (What kind of new years resolution is that!?!  Mine.  2015.  And I did it).


My friend, Paige, however LOVES planning and organizing. She invited me over for an afternoon of goal setting, dream making, and cutting and pasting.  It wasn’t as horrible as I thought.  Number one, she provided me with gold fish crackers as a snack (I’m sorry, but who doesn’t love gold fish crackers!?). Number two, her four year old came in and out of the room and was super cute and cuddly. Number three, it was actually just plain fun to cut and paste like a kid again with my long time friend.


For 2016, I have decided not to make one HUGE goal for the year, but a few small ones spread throughout the year.  Since I hate committing to things, I won’t be TOO specific about my personal goals. I want to leave room for change, in case I change my mind. Although I guess that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Oh well.  Here are some of my “goals” for the New Year.


  • DECLUTTER!!!  I practically have an entire craft store in my apartment. As I have mentioned before, I rarely spend any time in there.  Not to mention the rest of my apartment is also filled with trinkets and things that we don’t need or use.  So, Ryan and I have decided that this year, our “new years resolution” is to clean UP and clean OUT!  We want to get rid of old clothes and furniture that we don’t need anymore and give it to people who do.
  • Continue to publish two blog posts a week  (I have actually been really good at this, so, yay me!).
  • Do one thing a month that is art related.  That can be a photoshoot, a painting, dying some yardage, whatever. I want to finish something each month.  MINIMUM!

I hope that any of you who hate goal setting and planning (as much as I do) don’t feel obligated to make a new years resolution. However, if you are interested or just really like goal setting and planning like my friend Paige, I highly suggest making a vision board.  It was fun, stress free and actually kind of motivating.


“Strive for progress, not for perfection.”








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