From East To West

East Coast Lifestyle started from Alex MacLean’s res room at Acadia University and has quickly grown into a sustaining business of its own. Last summer Alex even met the president of the United States! So now what?  What are Alex and his team’s plan for ECL for 2016?

I asked Alex where he planned to take the direction of the brand and products. Would he keep things cool and casual like the tees and tanks that started it all, or would he branch out into further directions?  Alex said that this year they have TONS of new products coming our way.  He plans on releasing men’s dress shirts, women’s sundresses and rain coats (because as a good family friend and Haligonian pointed out to me this fall, if you live in Halifax, you need about six different rain coats.  One if the winds are high, another if the rain is pouring down, one for a snow/rain storm, not mention your classic yellow rain coat…and so on and so forth).  Not only that, but this week, Alex and the ECL team released some BIG news…

Alex shared with me over the phone that ECL plans to expand and open at least three new stores in the Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto Airports (in the areas after you pass the security checkpoints).  That way, if you are headed to Banff on a snowboarding trip and need a nice warm sweater, you can pick up one of ECL‘s.  Or if you are headed down south and need a fresh new tank, you can grab one of theirs.

So, why would someone in Vancouver want an ECL hoodie you might be thinking??  Well, besides the fact that the East coast is the STRONG coast (lol), Alex plans on taking the brand even further…

Are you ready for this??  East Coast Lifestyle will be expanding its brand to WEST COAST LIFESTYLE!  Alex plans on taking their classic logo but swapping out the anchor with some very identifiable west coast mountains.  What impresses me, SO MUCH, is not the fact that Alex is now able to branch out that far, or has become so successful with such a simple idea. It’s the fact that even after all the successes the brand has received, Alex is still staying true to his roots and the brand’s roots.  Yes he is opening up locations all over Canada and yes he is having some of his apparel say “West Coast” on it, but Alex hopes that the extra exposure will create more jobs in the east coast.  Furthermore, he hopes to employee people at the western locations who are originally from the east coast and have seen where the brand has come from.

When Alex first started the brand, he originally used a manufacturer in Ontario.  Since then, he has sourced things out from back east.  If that does not scream loyalty and staying true to your brand, I don’t know what does.

“Nobody cares how much money you have
If you’ve got enough to get in a cab
There’ll be drinks on the house if your house burns down
There’s a reason that I love this town”- Joel Plaskett




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