Feature Friday: Tori Smith

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So, I actually met Tori when I was about thirteen through one of my best friends Kat (Kat is also an incredible artist.  She is an extrodinary singer and dancer, not to mention a pro doodler.)  Tori designed the logo for The Art Project, and does free lance work for her clients.

“My first low-polygon-count artwork was done on a lark. I wanted to try a new illustration style; something completely different from my old anime-inspired fallback. When I stumbled across a great tutorial on turning a photo reference into low-poly I knew I had to give it a try, and I was hooked before I even finished the tutorial! I’ve since taken that original tutorial and run with it, removing steps and adding fixes to streamline my process.

I love this style not because it’s easy. It’s the exact opposite! You can make yourself crosseyed deciding where each polygon should go, and how it should connect with its neighbours. Instead I love it because despite the goal of simplicity it still captures the essence of the subject. My favourite moment working on these pieces is starting to add the colour. Once you get about 20 polygons colour coded you can step back… and the subject suddenly pops out at you, vivid and real despite being only partially coloured.

My inspiration comes from the source photos. Every photo, whether it’s a professional shot or a blurry phone photo, has hidden elements of colour and shape that low poly enhances. Blue tones hidden in what you thought was black fur, hundreds of shades of green in a single blade of grass, and naturally triangular shapes in a face or body that are perfect for the style.”

“Life isn’t about finding pieces of a puzzle. It’s about creating and putting those exceptional pieces together.”- Glenn van Dekken



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