Keep On Chasing Waterfalls

Photographer: Nathanael Patriquin Models: Erin Wilson (blue) Alyssa Yvette (red) Hair: Billy Peterson (blue)

It is funny how Fredericton has some of the best kept secrets.  I have lived in this city off and on for almost 20 years and I have never been to this waterfall.  Photographer Nathanael Patriquin has a knack for scouting out great locations.  From blueberry fields, to parks, to hidden streets in Quebec, this location was no exception.

Photographer: Nathanael Patriquin  Model: Erin Wilson  Hair: Billy Peterson

Like most photo shoots, this shoot was not as glamorous as it looks.  We had to trudge through mud puddles and shiver in the cold.  Nate and I were a little bit more lucky.  We were able to wear warm clothes, while the girls balanced on slippery rocks and tried not to look too cold as they modeled through.

Photographer: Nathanael Patriquin Models: Alyssa Yvette (red) and Erin Wilson (blue) Hair: Billy Peterson (blue)

I love how Nathanael brought out the vibrant colours of my hand dyed silk, but made the waterfall in the background soft and serene.  The two girls also had the same contrast.  Erin has such strong poses and fierce expressions while Alyssa brought such a soft elegance to the shoot  (in pictures that is…in real life she was cracking us all up).  These two girls were great to work with and each made the shoot their own which always makes a collaboration that much better.

“I’ve always liked the contrast of being blonde and having dark features.” – Rita Ora



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