You’re Invited…


The Art Project here.  Your one and only source into the talented lives of Fredericton’s creative elite.  Some people say that there is “nothing to do in Fredericton,” while others complain that there is no fashion industry here.  Leave it to these artists to change all of that.

Anybody who is anybody knows that tonight is the opening of S E V E N, a collaboration between a group of local artists.  Fashion, food and fun are on the agenda tonight, not to mentioned seven gorgeous hand made garments made by Fredericton’s finest.  Seven stunning photos shot by Lance Kenneth Blakney himself will also be showcased.

Rumour has it that there are going to be homemade cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries at the opening.  Switching things up from boring fruit trays to something unique and local should be no surprise when it comes to this group!

This just in… Billy was seen working away in his studio, pampering some of the other  S E V E N artists and doing their hair and makeup.  We have heard that B is super generous, but this just proves it!

Spotted, Karen Ruet and Bronwyn Gallagher finishing up some last minute touches to the gallery.  We thought we saw seven mannequins through the window.  Could those be the same ones we saw Dee and Aly making earlier this month?  Speaking of Aly, our sources tell us she in in Hawaii right now and will miss the grand opening by ONE DAY!  Sorry Aly, hope to see you next time.

As for everyone else, see you at the George Fry Gallery tonight dressed to impress at 4:30-6:30.

xoxo, D.W.

“Destiny is for losers.  It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.” – Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl




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