Atlantic Fashion Week -TRENDS

So much talent was showcased at Atlantic Fashion Week this year!  From the hair and makeup team, to the models, to the designers, to the director/organizer Angela Campagnoni and her multi-tasking skills. I wish I could show you it all…  However, here were some recurring themes that were at AFW that I think show some of the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2016.

Neutrals and Blush – Fan favourite ANTHONY EL-CID showed off a stunning collection of gowns at this year’s AFW.  His pallet consisted of copper tones, pinks, and cream colours.
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Model: Shannon Marie Isaacs

Screen Printed T-shirts – Duane Jones made his debut appearance this year at AFW.  His classic white T’s with black print stood out along with other designers such as Wear Your Label.
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Model: Lucas Boko


Model: Catherine Richardson 

Poofy Skirts – Stephanie McEwans line was so inspiring to me.  It was not only clothing. It had elements of fine art in each piece, such as hand made weavings.  Follow her on Instagram.

Model: Shannon Marie Isaacs

After three jam packed nights of design and talent, I can not wait to see what comes out at season 10!

“Elegance is good taste and a dash of daring.” – Carmel Snow




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