Feature Friday: S E V E N Artists


Lance Kenneth Blakney is a photographer based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He works as a media artist for the University of New Brunswick and is on his way to becoming a successful international fashion photographer. His passion for still imagery, in combination with his honours degree in Media Arts and Cultures, facilitates the creation of visually beautiful photographs that can also exist within a social and political context. Solo gallery shows, guest lectures, workshops and numerous international publications have given him a presence within the artistic community both locally and abroad.
Adrienne graduated from NBCCD in 2003 from the Fashion program and continued at UNB graduating with a BAA in 2005. She currently works for What On Earth Jewellers as a designer but also continues to design garments for shows, clients and herself. Her favourite things are polka dots, bows, classic black and white and delicious colours. Her dream is to someday have her own label and continue doing what she loves the most, Fashion Design.
Bronwen Robbins was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1981 and she continued to live there until the year 1990 when her family moved to the small Caribbean island of Jamaica. Three years later, her family moved back to Fredericton, much to the elation of the young girl who missed snow and root beer. In 2002, she graduated from the New Brunswick Collage of Craft and Design, with a major in Surface Design. Not ready to face the real world yet, she returned to NBCCD during the winter semester to take corseting in 2005 and discovered a talent and love for costume design. The following fall, she enrolled in the Fashion Design studio, pursuing an interest in costume design. She graduated from the program in 2007 with Honours and Principal’s Distinction and began working with costumes and clothing for Asian ball jointed dolls. After some coaxing from staff at the school, she returned for the 2011-2012 school year as a graduate student. She graduated with Honors from the program on June 15, 2012 and is very excited about the future of her business.
Michelle Duncan is a Fredericton-based fashion designer and recent graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. She draws inspiration from historical fashion, combining elements of various eras to create modern, unique pieces that blur the line between high fashion day-wear and sensual lingerie. Michelle is a lover of nature and organic beauty; her next endeavour is a collection of elegant, linen lounge-wear.
Alexandra Keely MacLean is a visual artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. MacLean holds a joint Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree from the University of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. It was while studying at NBCCD that she discovered her passion for the fibre arts, prompting her to continue her studies at the college, where she obtained a Graduate Studies Diploma, Fibre Arts division, in 2012. Although MacLean creates an array of wearable and decorative fibre art pieces using an assortment of fibers and processes, her true passion is creating beautiful one-of-a-kind art pieces. Her predominant focus as an artist is addressing social and political issues (including environmental degradation, the human condition, inequality and current events) in ways that will inspire her audience to think.
Dee Wilkie graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in 2012 with a focus in Surface Design/Textiles. Before that, she attended St. Francis Xavier University and did two years of art/fine arts courses which included Batik and Stained Glass Window making.“What is a Surface Designer!?” You ask. Well, the best way to describe it is this. Ever wonder where the patterns on tissue boxes, shower curtains and wallpaper come from? A Surface Designer is the person who creates those patterns. It is their job to create the artwork that goes onto products. Dee specializes in textiles and creates patterns and artwork for fabric. She then uses that fabric to turn into beautiful things by herself and with other designers. Some of her designs have made: scarves, dresses, skirts and headbands.Dee primarily works with silk and is a big fan of bright, highly saturated colours and high contrast. Her love of colours and pattern is probably one of the reasons she loves to travel so much. Dee has been to New York, Bermuda, Cuba, Guatemala (just to name a few) and can’t wait to explore the rest of the world while continuing her art.
Billy Peterson is a hairstylist and makeup artist. He has been doing hair for almost 13 years and makeup for about half that. Billy is from Fredericton, New Brunswick and took both of his trades at Atlantic Hairstyling Academy and Atlantic Esthetics Academy. He is currently working at Avenue Eighty-Five located on the Northside of Fredericton.
From colour, to cuts, to wild styles, Michael Drost, hair stylist does it all. Michael works at one of Avalon’s three locations in Fredericton. Michael is located conveniently downtown and would love to cut, colour, or style your hair! Avalon is an Aveda concept salon that uses Ayurvedic practices incorporated into all services. For more information or to book in with Michael, call (506)472-1772 ext. 1.
Athenais has walked the past three season of Atlantic fashion week , the heart truth gala, nascad and nbcd shows. She modeled for designers such as Adrienne Goodine, Dee Wilkie, Veronica MacIsaac, Orphanage, Anya Knees, Anthony El cid, and Overman, to name a few. Her work with photographer Maya Fuhr was published in the UK and she appears in Dreck magazine and Dazed. She was also featured in Megan Spence portofolio, and Vogue Italia. She is a hard worker and is very dedicated to modeling and studying. She skipped two grades and is in grade 11 of the IB Program at only 14. Every collaboration is an opportunity to learn and grow. Athenaïs is signed with the prestigious agency Plutino in Toronto.
Twenty Two year old Gillian Glover has modeled for businesses such as Wear Your Label and Shoptilleul. She loves exploring new looks and working with photographers. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of New Brunswick in 2015. Gillian is currently in her “gap” year and is going backpack Thailand.
Jessica Chantelle is a social entrepreneur and community developer by day but in her free time she keeps her artistic side alive by immersing herself in the local fashion scene. Through fashion photography and runway modeling Jessica has been able to satisfy her insatiable love of the arts. Some of her outlets include Atlantic Fashion Week to creative collaborations with local and national photographers such as Dave Brosha and Lance Kenneth Blakney.
A model since age 16, Kayley’s passion has translated in numerous areas of the fashion industry; from styling to design. She is signed with CITY Models and has walked two seasons of Atlantic Fashion Week. Despite her focus shifting behind the scenes of the runways, she continues to love collaborating with other professionals in front of the camera.
Sophie has been passionate about modelling and fashion for as long as she can remember. Despite her career in health care, she continues to do modelling as a hobby. The local modelling industry has permitted her to meet amazing people and participate in projects she will never forget.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller



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