2015 in Review


Wow! It’s hard to believe The Art Project made its first post only FOUR MONTHS AGO!!!  Since then we have done so many cool and exciting projects, including: Atlantic Fashion Week, the opening of SEVEN and a countless amount of photoshoots…

We have also had the chance to interview some pretty awesome artists and small businesses, including: Alex MacLean from East Coast Lifestyle, Sarah Duquette from Boho and Braids and Brent McCombs from AlterEgo Photography.

So what does 2016 look like for The Art Project?  Well, currently I am working on banking up some new posts and building up new content.  I also plan on doing more photoshoots and hopefully more big projects similar to SEVEN and Atlantic Fashion Week.  My “Feature Fridays” posts will continue regularly for now but, in the near future, may become less frequent (don’t worry though, I have no plans to completely eliminate them).  In terms of specifics, I do not want to tell you too much before things come out. I wouldn’t want to promise anything, get hopes up and then not deliver…but lets just say I have a few exciting things up my sleeve ūüėČ

I want to thank each and every person who has taken the time out of their day(s) to read this blog.  For those of you who like, share, comment and send words of encouragement on social media, a big thank you!  It truly is what keeps me going ūüôā


Happy New Year and let’s kick 2016’s creative ass!

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley





From East To West

East Coast Lifestyle started from Alex MacLean’s res room at Acadia University¬†and has quickly grown into a sustaining business of its own. Last summer Alex even met the president of the United States! So now what? ¬†What are Alex and his team’s plan for ECL for 2016?

I asked Alex where he planned to take the direction of the brand and products. Would he keep things cool and casual like the tees and tanks that started it all, or would he branch out into further directions? ¬†Alex said that this year they have TONS of new products coming our way. ¬†He plans on releasing men’s dress shirts, women’s sundresses and rain coats (because as a good family friend and Haligonian pointed out to me this fall, if you live in Halifax, you need about six different rain coats. ¬†One if the winds are high, another if the rain is pouring down, one for a snow/rain storm, not mention your classic yellow rain coat…and so on and so forth). ¬†Not only that, but this week, Alex and the ECL team released some BIG news…

Alex shared with me over the phone that ECL plans to expand and open at least three new stores in the Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto Airports (in the areas after you pass the security checkpoints). ¬†That way, if you are headed to Banff on a snowboarding trip and need a nice warm sweater, you can pick up one of ECL‘s. ¬†Or if you are headed down south and need a fresh new tank, you can grab one of theirs.

So, why would someone in Vancouver want an ECL hoodie you might be thinking?? ¬†Well, besides the fact that the East coast is the STRONG coast (lol), Alex plans on taking the brand even further…

Are you ready for this?? ¬†East Coast Lifestyle will be expanding its brand to WEST COAST LIFESTYLE! ¬†Alex plans on taking their classic logo but swapping out the anchor with some very identifiable west coast mountains. ¬†What impresses me, SO MUCH, is not the fact that Alex is now able to branch out that far, or has become so successful with such a simple idea. It’s the fact that even after all the successes the brand has received, Alex is still staying true to his roots and the brand’s roots. ¬†Yes he is opening up locations all over Canada and yes he is having some of his apparel say “West Coast” on it, but Alex hopes that the extra exposure will create more jobs in the east coast. ¬†Furthermore, he hopes to employee people at the western locations who are originally from the east coast and have seen where the brand has come from.

When Alex first started the brand, he originally used a manufacturer in Ontario. ¬†Since then, he has sourced things out from back east. ¬†If that does not scream loyalty and staying true to your brand, I don’t know what does.

“Nobody cares how much money you have
If you’ve got enough to get in a cab
There’ll be drinks on the house if your house burns down
There‚Äôs a reason that I love this town”-¬†Joel Plaskett



Feature Friday: Tori Smith

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So, I actually met Tori when I was about thirteen through one of my best friends Kat (Kat is also an incredible artist.  She is an extrodinary singer and dancer, not to mention a pro doodler.)  Tori designed the logo for The Art Project, and does free lance work for her clients.

“My first low-polygon-count artwork was done on a lark. I wanted to try a new illustration style; something completely different from my old anime-inspired fallback. When I stumbled across a great tutorial on turning a photo reference into low-poly I knew I had to give it a try, and I was hooked before I even finished the tutorial! I’ve since taken that original tutorial and run with it, removing steps and adding fixes to streamline my process.

I love this style not because it’s easy. It’s the exact opposite! You can make yourself crosseyed deciding where each polygon should go, and how it should connect with its neighbours. Instead I love it because despite the goal of simplicity it still captures the essence of the subject. My favourite moment working on these pieces is starting to add the colour. Once you get about 20 polygons colour coded you can step back… and the subject suddenly pops out at you, vivid and real despite being only partially coloured.

My inspiration comes from the source photos. Every photo, whether it’s a professional shot or a blurry phone photo, has hidden elements of colour and shape that low poly enhances. Blue tones hidden in what you thought was black fur, hundreds of shades of green in a single blade of grass, and naturally triangular shapes in a face or body that are perfect for the style.”

‚ÄúLife isn’t about finding pieces of a puzzle. It’s about creating and putting those exceptional pieces together.‚ÄĚ-¬†Glenn van Dekken


Keep On Chasing Waterfalls

Photographer: Nathanael Patriquin Models: Erin Wilson (blue) Alyssa Yvette (red) Hair: Billy Peterson (blue)

It is funny how Fredericton has some of the best kept secrets.  I have lived in this city off and on for almost 20 years and I have never been to this waterfall.  Photographer Nathanael Patriquin has a knack for scouting out great locations.  From blueberry fields, to parks, to hidden streets in Quebec, this location was no exception.

Photographer: Nathanael Patriquin  Model: Erin Wilson  Hair: Billy Peterson

Like most photo shoots, this shoot was not as glamorous as it looks.  We had to trudge through mud puddles and shiver in the cold.  Nate and I were a little bit more lucky.  We were able to wear warm clothes, while the girls balanced on slippery rocks and tried not to look too cold as they modeled through.

Photographer: Nathanael Patriquin Models: Alyssa Yvette (red) and Erin Wilson (blue) Hair: Billy Peterson (blue)

I love how Nathanael brought out the vibrant colours of my hand dyed silk, but made the waterfall in the background soft and serene. ¬†The two girls also had the same contrast. ¬†Erin has such strong poses and fierce expressions while Alyssa brought such a soft elegance to the shoot ¬†(in pictures that is…in real life she was cracking us all up). ¬†These two girls were great to work with and each made the shoot their own which always makes a collaboration that much better.

“I’ve always liked the contrast of being blonde and having dark features.” – Rita Ora


Feature Friday: Boho and Braids

I met Sarah Duquette last year during an impromptu photo shoot with her very talented husband,¬†Denis Duquette. ¬†I started following her blog and it really inspired me to start my own blog. ¬†I thought about it for months and debated what to write about. Then I decided to reach out to Sarah to ask her some questions about blogging. ¬†She wrote me back with some really thoughtful answers and helped me narrow down the focus of this blog. ¬†Really, if it wasn’t for her, “The Art Project” would not exist.

Photographer: Denis Duquette  Model: Sarah Duquette

Sarah’s blogs are short and sweet and feature her sporting many different outfits from sporty to semi-formal. ¬†Her looks usually include a “perfect clutch or purse,” which is her favourite accessory.

Photographer: Denis Duquette Model: Sarah Duquette

One thing I really like about Sarah’s style is that she isn’t afraid to take chances. ¬†She uses bright colours and mixes pieces together that I never would have thought would work.

This fall, not only did Sarah receive the incredible opportunity to go to the World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week, she was also sponsored by Bench!  How cool is that!?

Photographer: Denis Duquette Model: Sarah Duquette

In the future, Sarah plans on continuing her blog and hopefully being able to attend New York Fashion Week. ¬†She also plans to continue working on her and her husband’s modeling agency,¬†Scout Development Agency, which they run in Moncton, New Brunswick.

You can check out Sarah’s blog at:

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel


You’re Invited…


The Art Project here. ¬†Your one and only source into the talented lives of Fredericton’s creative elite. ¬†Some people say that there is “nothing to do in Fredericton,” while others complain that there is no fashion industry here. ¬†Leave it to these artists to change all of that.

Anybody who is anybody knows that tonight is the opening of S E V E N, a collaboration between a group of local artists. ¬†Fashion, food and fun are on the agenda tonight, not to mentioned seven gorgeous hand made garments made by Fredericton’s finest. ¬†Seven stunning photos shot by Lance Kenneth Blakney himself will also be showcased.

Rumour has it that there are going to be homemade cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries at the opening.  Switching things up from boring fruit trays to something unique and local should be no surprise when it comes to this group!

This just in…¬†Billy was seen working away in his studio, pampering some of the other ¬†S E V E N artists and doing their hair and makeup. ¬†We have heard that B is super generous, but this just proves it!

Spotted, Karen Ruet and Bronwyn Gallagher finishing up some last minute touches to the gallery.  We thought we saw seven mannequins through the window.  Could those be the same ones we saw Dee and Aly making earlier this month?  Speaking of Aly, our sources tell us she in in Hawaii right now and will miss the grand opening by ONE DAY!  Sorry Aly, hope to see you next time.

As for everyone else, see you at the George Fry Gallery tonight dressed to impress at 4:30-6:30.

xoxo, D.W.

“Destiny is for losers. ¬†It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.” – Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl



Atlantic Fashion Week -TRENDS

So much talent was showcased at¬†Atlantic Fashion Week¬†this year! ¬†From the hair and makeup team, to the models, to the designers, to the director/organizer Angela Campagnoni and her multi-tasking skills. I wish I could show you it all… ¬†However, here were some recurring themes that were at AFW that I think show some of the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2016.

Neutrals and Blush – Fan favourite ANTHONY EL-CID showed off a stunning collection of gowns at this year’s AFW. ¬†His pallet consisted of copper tones, pinks, and cream colours.
Follow Anthony on instagram.

Model: Shannon Marie Isaacs

Screen Printed T-shirts – Duane Jones made his debut appearance this year at AFW. ¬†His classic white T’s with black print stood out along with other designers such as Wear Your Label.
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Model: Lucas Boko


Model: Catherine Richardson 

Poofy Skirts РStephanie McEwans line was so inspiring to me.  It was not only clothing. It had elements of fine art in each piece, such as hand made weavings.  Follow her on Instagram.

Model: Shannon Marie Isaacs

After three jam packed nights of design and talent, I can not wait to see what comes out at season 10!

“Elegance is good taste and a dash of daring.” – Carmel Snow