My Atlantic Fashion Week

This year was my first year at Atlantic Fashion Week and it was a great opportunity to explain to people what a Surface Designer does.  I am not a fashion designer and I am not someone who can sew well.  I would never want to take credit for that, or pretend that that is what I do.  Moreover, I am the person who creates pattern, motifes, and dyes fabric.  I am the person who a fashion designer can turn to if they want something special or unique made for them.  The goal of my first solo line was about showing off the textiles by themselves, and the beauty of hand dyed silk.

Movement, high contrast, and pops of bright colour were the inspiration behind my line at AFW.  (Of course I had to compliment it all with black as black is my favourite.)

Black and white are HUGE right now, so I kept this piece simple by printing large black jungle leaves on it.  I tied it all together by adding a shinny black ribbon around the waste.

Lance strutted down the runway wearing my green and turquoise silk yardage wrapped around him as a long billowing scarf.  Nothing says style like a man who can pull off a scarf;)

I felt like my first line needed pops of warm colours as well as cool, so I added this golden yellow/saffron piece of silk.  I wish I had made the flowers larger, but hey, live and learn:)

A true man is never afraid to wear pink;)  Sean rocked the runway in this large piece of pink and purple hand dyed silk.  I wrapped it around him like a circle scarf.  Needless to say, he nailed it.

For Tina’s look, I tied my lime green yardage around her almost like a kimono.  This is something you could duplicate with any large piece of fabric, and looks super stylish.  You could wear this to the office, or out for drinks with your friends.

This piece was a little different from the rest of my line.  It was (in comparison to the rest) a little muted and more “earthy”.  You can not see in this shot, but from the back this piece was covered in tiny, organic lines which I LOVED!  (Check out my instagram to see what I mean.)

PINK BABY!  As I said above, this line was all about high contrast and bright colours – this piece totally accomplished that!  (Shout out to my husband Ryan for convincing me to use this colour!  I was actually going to dye it more of a bubble gum pink, but Ry persuaded me to keep exploring this one, and I am so glad I did.)

Again I want to thank all the volunteers who helped make this event a success and who did so much behind the scenes.  Also, thank you to Angela Campagnoni who was so organized and helpful during this process, and gave me this amazing opportunity.  Thank you again to Brent McCombs of AlterEgo photography, it was a pleasure working with you, and finally, HUGE thank you to my amazing models!  YOU GUYS ROCKED IT!! 🙂

“Colour can raise the dead.” – Iris Apfel



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