October Favourites

Wow, October was such a crazy good month.  I got to do so much of what I love, so I thought I would share some of my favourite images from last month.

This first shot is our only official SEVEN shot that has been released so far.  This picture was taken while shooting LUST and really shows off the beautiful work of our hair and makeup team Billy Peterson and Michael Drost.  Oh, and not to mention the extraordinary talent of our photographer Lance Kenneth Blakney and model Kayley Reed.

LUST blue silk hood
Photography: Lance Kenneth Blakney
Fashion Designer: Michelle Duncan
Surface Designer: Dee Wilkie
Model: Kayley Reed
MUA: Billy Peterson
Hair: Michael Drost

The second photo is a BTS shot taken from Lance’s phone and is one of my favourites from October.  Working on SEVEN with this extraordinary group of people has been really great.  One of the best parts of each shoot is getting together at Michaels as a team.  We talk about everything from what Netflix series we are watching, to cosplay, to what each of us are doing creatively.  This picture sums up perfectly what our Sunday evenings look like when we are shooing for SEVEN.

Black and White BTS shot.
Getting Kayley ready for her LUST shoot. Billy and Michael hard at work.

The third image I want to share was taken at Killarney Lake at the very beginning of the month.  It was one of the colder days we had in October, but our girls were troopers!  They did everything Nathanael and I asked them to do, even though it was FREEZING!  Thanks again girls!! 🙂

Lake goddesses
Photographer: Nathanael Patriquin
Surface Designer: Dee Wilkie
Models: Chantal Allen, Hiroko Kosuge, Chantal Hiltz

This image was shot with mother/daughter duo Mary and Erin Lawton.  They traveled from Saint John and we had a great afternoon shooting at River View Orchard.  (Check out Red Delicious to see more.)

Apple Orchard and Red Silk
Photographer: Mary Lawton – Blue Butterfly Photography
Surface Designer: Dee Wilkie
Model: Erin Lawton
MU: Tina Murtagh

The last shot I will share tonight was from a shoot I did with Nathanael Patriquin and models Erin Farrow and Alyssa Yvette.  Nate took us all to a beautiful waterfall I didn’t even know existed and we shot in the woods until it was dark out.  It was such a cool location, and again our models had to suffer out the cold and wet.  I only have a shot of Erin so far, but I will post more with her and Alyssa later this month.

waterfall shoot
Photographer: Nathanael Patriquin
Surface Design: Dee Wilkie
Model: Erin Farrow Hair: Billy Peterson

I want to thank everyone who worked with me this month including the people who were not mentioned above.  I would not have been able to do so much of this without each and every one of you!  I am so pumped to see what the next year has in store for everyone individually, and collaboratively.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek



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