Feature Friday: Kayleigh Saad

Kayleigh Saad
“Favorite outfit that I’ve actually made.” – Kayleigh Saad

Like many artists, Kayleigh Saad is: eclectic, funky, creative and has A LOT of irons in the fire.  Kayleigh graduated from the College of Craft and Design in 2011 with a diploma in Fashion.  Since then, Kayleigh has focused her energies on many different creative outlets which includes creating her own brand, “Lunar Offerings“.

Lunar Offerings
Tarot Inspired – 3 of Cups Photography Credit: Hillary McCormack
Fashion Design: Lunar Offerings
Hair: Billy Peterson
Makeup: Callie Anderson
Models: Trish Goguen, Rosie Dugeon and Kayley Reed

In the past year, Kayleigh has organized a very successful industry night at Wear Your Label for the Fredericton Fashion Council and she also started working for herself as Beautician/Stylist at Avenue 85.

In typical Artist form, being the president of the Fredericton Fashion Council and starting a new career as a beautician isn’t all she has on her plate (that would be too easy!).  Kayleigh is working on launching a boutique in her new space at Avenue 85 where she will offer her beautician services.  Avenue 85 is cute, quaint and full of creativity.  It is a space that encourages and supports other local artists.

Kayleigh plans on taking all of the knowledge she has earned through the various past projects (including styling, makeup, fashion design…) and tying it all together at Avenue 85 as her hub.  Avenue 85 will not only be a place where people can go to get their “nails did,” it will be the only place in Fredericton where people can literally get a head to toe makeover.  While pedicures and facials are available at many locations in Fredericton, Avenue 85 will also offer styling advice from Kayleigh, as well as clothing and accessories for sale by other local artists.

Kayleigh describes her style as “fashion with an edge”.  She knows it is not for everyone, but she likes that!  Kayleighs fashion isn’t about being main stream and commercial, its about making a statement and dressing “funky” people.

“Flash your flood, set your fire, you were born to overflow” – Lia Ices


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