Model Call

ATF Model CallIf you could not tell in one of my previous posts last week (I Got A War On My Mind), I have been a bit discouraged over the “lack of industry here.”  Well, what a difference a week makes!  This past weekend I attended the Atlantic Fashion Week (AFW) model call and I had a great time.

As I walked into the doors of Brent McCombs’ studio, I was immediately impressed.  AFW director, Angela Campagnoni, greeted me almost immediately and took me upstairs to sit at the panel of designers.  There, I was greeted by some of the more seasoned designers and they filled me in on what previous years have looked like.

I was able to see 75 models in four hours. I would have liked to have seen more, but unfortunately, I had to leave the call early (waa-waa) for the long drive back to Fredericton. So many beautiful bodies and faces flashed in front of the panel, it was so great to see.  Another beautiful thing I saw in that room was the acceptance.  We had androgynous models, men walking in heels and drag kings. To be honest, these were some of the people who impressed and inspired the designers the most.  I heard a few different designers express their creative thoughts about designing an androgynous line just because they liked what they saw for talent.

After getting home from Nova Scotia and a full day of work at my day job, I headed off to another photo shoot for SEVEN.  Oh. My. Word.  It was a dream team.  I can’t express how happy I am with the results thus far!  We shot envy and everything fell into place perfectly.  Our hair and makeup team (Billy and Michael) did an incredible job and our model killed it.  Not to mention the dress that Michelle Duncan created which was STUNNING!  Needless to say, I am more excited than ever to see this concept through to completion.  Lance showed us a few shots on his camera where, even on a teeny tiny screen, the shots looked perfect.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” – Walt Disney



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