October Is My Favorite Colour

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10245363_797716690250835_1247769102419531922_nJust kidding, black is, like the colour of my soul.  LOL.  For most people, fall means pumpkin spice lattes, tall boots, and chunky knit sweaters.  For an artist, this time of year means fall craft shows, traveling, late nights, and Christmas sales. (As in, we sell our stuff and actually make some money doing what we love.)

This year October has turned out to be crazy for me (in a good way.)  I have LOTS of work that needs to be done before Christmas.  As I’m sure all of you can identify with, sometimes when work needs to be done, it is SO HARD to get started, even if their IS the promise of money at the other end.  When you arnt feelin’ it, you just arnt feelin’ it.  With that being said, I thought I would share with you a couple of things I like to listen to while I’m working.  Sometimes just having background noise is all it takes to get lost in what your doing, and a few hours later…voila, you have actually made a dent in your extremely large pile of work!

1.) The O.C Play list.  I listen to this play list mostly when I am painting silk yardage.  It is the perfect combination of upbeat songs, and some more mellow tunes…or as I like to call them. “Debbie songs” (as in “Debbie Downer.)  It also brings me back to a time when American Eagle was for “the preps” and my biggest problem was not doing my Math homework.

2.) Serial. Legit the best podcast you will ever listen to.  Hands down.  Definitely twelve of the best hours of my Winter this year.

“Set some goals, then demolish them.”



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