Feature Friday: Billy Yvonne

“Billy Yvonne can be found doodling all around Fredericton, you’ve probably seen him on a park bench or in a coffee shop drawing away. Billy’s inspiration and influence come mainly from from the bold lines and simplicity of American traditional tattoos, the high contrast of Canadian native art, and the working from the inside out of abstract expressionism.” His doodles have gathered a loyal following internationally on Instagram and Tumblr, and occasionally you can find his larger pieces hanging at at Issac’s Way, check out more of his work here: Billy YvonneScreenshot_2015-10-23-11-26-08-210306731_10152427814240937_8127603735977408022_n


“If you want to know where your heart is look where your mind goes when it wanders”



Red Delicious

Yesterday I met with mother daughter team Mary and Erin Lawton for a shoot at River View Orchards.  The duo traveled from Saint John to get some creative shots at the beautiful apple orchard.

Funniest part of the day:  Pinning my silk onto Erin while she stood shivering in a nude colored body suit in the middle of the apple stand.  We got some strange looks at first, but by the end of the day everyone seemed genuinely interested and excited about what we were doing.

Apple Orchard Red Silk
Photography: Mary Lawton (Blue Butterfly Photography)
Model: Erin Lawton
Hair: Mary Lawton
Makeup: Tina Murtagh

Favorite part of the day:  Watching Mary do ANYTHING to get a good shot including: almost falling butt first into the mud, standing on wobbly creates, and continuing to shoot even in the rain.

Apples and Red Silk
Photography: Mary Lawton (Blue Butterfly Photography)
Model: Erin Lawton
Hair: Mary Lawton
Makeup: Tina Murtagh

Least favorite part of the day: The rain and mud!

Red Silk
Photography: Mary Lawton (Blue Butterfly Photography)
Model: Erin Lawton
Hair: Mary Lawton
Makeup: Tina Murtagh

“If you want apples, you have to shake the trees.”


Feature Friday: Kayleigh Saad

Kayleigh Saad
“Favorite outfit that I’ve actually made.” – Kayleigh Saad

Like many artists, Kayleigh Saad is: eclectic, funky, creative and has A LOT of irons in the fire.  Kayleigh graduated from the College of Craft and Design in 2011 with a diploma in Fashion.  Since then, Kayleigh has focused her energies on many different creative outlets which includes creating her own brand, “Lunar Offerings“.

Lunar Offerings
Tarot Inspired – 3 of Cups Photography Credit: Hillary McCormack
Fashion Design: Lunar Offerings
Hair: Billy Peterson
Makeup: Callie Anderson
Models: Trish Goguen, Rosie Dugeon and Kayley Reed

In the past year, Kayleigh has organized a very successful industry night at Wear Your Label for the Fredericton Fashion Council and she also started working for herself as Beautician/Stylist at Avenue 85.

In typical Artist form, being the president of the Fredericton Fashion Council and starting a new career as a beautician isn’t all she has on her plate (that would be too easy!).  Kayleigh is working on launching a boutique in her new space at Avenue 85 where she will offer her beautician services.  Avenue 85 is cute, quaint and full of creativity.  It is a space that encourages and supports other local artists.

Kayleigh plans on taking all of the knowledge she has earned through the various past projects (including styling, makeup, fashion design…) and tying it all together at Avenue 85 as her hub.  Avenue 85 will not only be a place where people can go to get their “nails did,” it will be the only place in Fredericton where people can literally get a head to toe makeover.  While pedicures and facials are available at many locations in Fredericton, Avenue 85 will also offer styling advice from Kayleigh, as well as clothing and accessories for sale by other local artists.

Kayleigh describes her style as “fashion with an edge”.  She knows it is not for everyone, but she likes that!  Kayleighs fashion isn’t about being main stream and commercial, its about making a statement and dressing “funky” people.

“Flash your flood, set your fire, you were born to overflow” – Lia Ices

Model Call

ATF Model CallIf you could not tell in one of my previous posts last week (I Got A War On My Mind), I have been a bit discouraged over the “lack of industry here.”  Well, what a difference a week makes!  This past weekend I attended the Atlantic Fashion Week (AFW) model call and I had a great time.

As I walked into the doors of Brent McCombs’ studio, I was immediately impressed.  AFW director, Angela Campagnoni, greeted me almost immediately and took me upstairs to sit at the panel of designers.  There, I was greeted by some of the more seasoned designers and they filled me in on what previous years have looked like.

I was able to see 75 models in four hours. I would have liked to have seen more, but unfortunately, I had to leave the call early (waa-waa) for the long drive back to Fredericton. So many beautiful bodies and faces flashed in front of the panel, it was so great to see.  Another beautiful thing I saw in that room was the acceptance.  We had androgynous models, men walking in heels and drag kings. To be honest, these were some of the people who impressed and inspired the designers the most.  I heard a few different designers express their creative thoughts about designing an androgynous line just because they liked what they saw for talent.

After getting home from Nova Scotia and a full day of work at my day job, I headed off to another photo shoot for SEVEN.  Oh. My. Word.  It was a dream team.  I can’t express how happy I am with the results thus far!  We shot envy and everything fell into place perfectly.  Our hair and makeup team (Billy and Michael) did an incredible job and our model killed it.  Not to mention the dress that Michelle Duncan created which was STUNNING!  Needless to say, I am more excited than ever to see this concept through to completion.  Lance showed us a few shots on his camera where, even on a teeny tiny screen, the shots looked perfect.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” – Walt Disney


October Is My Favorite Colour

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/14444671/?claim=r3yyxjcw6aa”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>1979559_797274186961752_1563863258521215193_n

10245363_797716690250835_1247769102419531922_nJust kidding, black is, like the colour of my soul.  LOL.  For most people, fall means pumpkin spice lattes, tall boots, and chunky knit sweaters.  For an artist, this time of year means fall craft shows, traveling, late nights, and Christmas sales. (As in, we sell our stuff and actually make some money doing what we love.)

This year October has turned out to be crazy for me (in a good way.)  I have LOTS of work that needs to be done before Christmas.  As I’m sure all of you can identify with, sometimes when work needs to be done, it is SO HARD to get started, even if their IS the promise of money at the other end.  When you arnt feelin’ it, you just arnt feelin’ it.  With that being said, I thought I would share with you a couple of things I like to listen to while I’m working.  Sometimes just having background noise is all it takes to get lost in what your doing, and a few hours later…voila, you have actually made a dent in your extremely large pile of work!

1.) The O.C Play list.  I listen to this play list mostly when I am painting silk yardage.  It is the perfect combination of upbeat songs, and some more mellow tunes…or as I like to call them. “Debbie songs” (as in “Debbie Downer.)  It also brings me back to a time when American Eagle was for “the preps” and my biggest problem was not doing my Math homework.

2.) Serial. Legit the best podcast you will ever listen to.  Hands down.  Definitely twelve of the best hours of my Winter this year.

“Set some goals, then demolish them.”


I Got A War On My Mind

Silk Yardage I dyed that reminds me of a swimming pool.

I would like to think I am a “calculated risk taker” and sometimes I think I only tell myself that because anything less makes me feel boring.  Yes, I can be impulsive and yes I can be hot headed at times, but I also like to think things through and weigh the pros and cons.  I hate committing to things and making solid plans. Being pulled, equally, in opposite directions is one of the worst feelings, but unfortunately it is a feeling that I have a lot.

My parents tell me that taking me into a gift store when I was young was agonizing.  My sister and I could pick ONE thing from the store. Somehow, I always had my heart equally set on two.  I have one memory of really wanting a stuffed cat.  I ended up with a white, long haired Persian cat named “Cloud” (seventeen years later and I’m still wondering if I should have gotten the over stuffed, grey one). These days I’m debating something else: should I commit to living here or take a risk and move away?  I suppose I should be more grateful that this is one of my biggest problems in life right now.  Instead, just thinking about it makes me feel sick.

Why do I want to run away from stability and my roots?  Probably the biggest reason of all is art.  I have tried and tried to make “it” work here. I have done markets, craft shows, The Barracks, Facebook, networking and Twitter. There just doesn’t seem to be the resources here to get this “thing” off the ground. I feel like maybe a bigger city would be the answer to my problems. I don’t know, maybe it’s one of those “the grass is always greener” things.  I have friends who live in these “greener places” (Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver) who tell me, all the time, to move out there with them. However, even they grovel at the low cost of living, down-to-earth, family oriented lifestyle here.

UGH!!  I want the best of both worlds!!  Maybe its like PepsiCo’s CEO says, “…women still can’t have it all.”  As much as this seems to be true, I think that deep down I just do not accept this.  Why can’t I have a great job, a nice house, millions of dollars and a body that just won’t quit no matter how many poutines and chicken wings I digest!?  I just don’t get it!!!!!!!!

So, with this being Thanksgiving, I will leave off with this.  I am so thankful to God that I have a great job, a loving husband, some dollars, and a decent body that looks OK after I stuffed myself full of Thanksgiving dinner…and maybe a poutine.

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.” – Christopher Reeve

Easy Peasy No-Sew Halloween Bunting Tutorial

Bunting is very trendy right now and I’ve been getting lots of compliments and requests for my up-cycled flag bunting. It adds a fun, playful element to nurseries and children’s bedrooms but it’s also great as decoration for parties, weddings, holidays and other events. I love love love holiday celebrations and Halloween is no exception! Anyone who knows me knows it is one of my favorites, which is probably why Dee asked me to do this post. This Halloween is particularly exciting for me because it’s the first big holiday with my daughter who is now 8 months old.

My daughter Amara, trying on her lion costume

With October 31 just around the corner, I thought I’d share how to create an easy peasy no-sew version of my flag bunting to add some instant not-so-scary Halloween decor to your space. You could also use fall colors or customize for any holiday or celebration.

firstBaby boy inspired flag bunting, made from up-cycled fabrics

You will need:
Cardboard or card stock
Pencil and/or chalk
Assortment Halloween colored fabrics in a decent quality cotton
Pinking shears (optional)
Hot glue gun + glue sticks


If you are like me, an uninterrupted hour is unheard of because you have a baby crawling around, and this will most likely take you 3-5 days of naptime crafting sessions. For the rest of you, if you plan on doing this all in one go, now would be a good time to plug in your glue gun. The last thing you want is to be anxiously awaiting hot glue to complete the final step of your bunting.

First, using your cardboard, ruler, and pencil you need to create your triangle pattern for tracing on to your fabric.  I have one that I use for all of my flags but it’s up to you how big or small you want your flags to be. You can perfect your triangle on paper first and then trace it onto your cardboard. After you finish drawing your triangle, cut it out.

Next, you need to decide how long you want your bunting to be. Using your pattern, trace your triangles on to the backs of your freshly ironed fabrics (this makes it easier to trace and cut). Remember, this is YOUR bunting so you can use whatever and how ever many fabrics you like. Just make sure you trace the proper amount for the full length of your banner. In terms of type of fabric, anything cotton should do, quilting weight cotton works best but as long as you’re using something that will cut easily and lay flat you should be fine.

Tracing my triangle pattern

I try to use up-cycled fabrics for projects like this partly because I find it wasteful to go out and purchase all new fabrics when there is a bountiful of old sheets, pillow cases, curtains, clothing, etc. at thrift stores and stored away in people’s closets that they are usually willing to part with. I also love the character old fabrics add. Let’s just say it’s a hobby of mine. However, if dumpster diving isn’t your thing, you can go to Fabricville or another store and buy an assortment of fabrics. The advantage to this is that you will have more to choose from and will not have to dig as deep.  (Thrifting can be time consuming!)

Moving along, it’s time to cut out your triangles. I like to use pinking shears for this, especially if I am not sewing the flags to give them a more finished, decorative looking edge. They are also great for hiding flaws such as uneven cutting (I can’t cut a straight line to save my life). HOWEVER, these are costly tools, especially if you never plan on doing another project that requires them. So, regular, sharp, scissors will get the job done.


Cutting out my triangles from striped fabric

So, now you should have a handful of triangles from assorted (or not) fabrics. The next step is to lay them all out in the order you’d like to see them and measure your twine the length of the flags. I prefer my flags to be touching so there’s no need for extra length in between but keep in mind now is the time for that if you wish to have spacing. Add 5 inches to a foot of extra twine on each end and cut.

Triangles cut, laid out and ready to glue

The final step in this process is attaching your flags to the twine. Add a small line of hot glue to the very top edge of your triangle, fold over the twine and press to seal.  Remember to attach the first flag 5 inches to a foot in so you have room to tie it or pin it up. Continue to attach your flags. As I said, I like the look of them being connected so I tend to overlap just a bit.


My first flag attached to the twine

There you have it folks, a beautiful(?) set of Halloween bunting to decorate your space. 🙂


Thanks  so much for stopping by! To keep in touch, you can follow me on Instagram @creativsoul26 I’d love to see photos of how your bunting turns out! Stay tuned for the opening of my Etsy shop and more exciting things coming soon!