Rain, Rain, Go Away

model on a swing, purple silk
Photography Credit: Jacob Connell
Hair & Makeup: Laura Lewis
Model: Athenais Testi

There are times as an artist where everything falls into place.  That could be anything from an unexpected drop off wax, when you are painting a Batik, that turns into something spectacular; to a new design the dye creates that you have never seen before; to your pot rusting while you dye your silk, turning the silk colours you couldn’t recreate if you tried.  This is not an example of one of those times.

Almost a year ago my husband (Ryan) and I set off to Moncton to shoot with a group I had never worked with before (other than Athenais):   Hair and Makeup Artist Laura Lewis and Photographer Jacob Connell.

Laura had spent HOURS working on Athenais.  She covered her whole head of hair in pencil curls  (for those of you who don’t know, Laura had to take teeny tiny sections of hair, wrap it tightly around a pencil and then flat iron over that.  This created the world’s smallest ringlets and when brushed out, the worlds biggest, baddest hair).    After hours of prep and flipping through large black and white fashion magazines (as I drank a delicious black coffee made by Athenais’ mom, Nathalie) for looks, we all set out to shoot.

Guess what happened next?  It rained.  Athenais hair completely dropped.  As her larger than life hair deflated, slowly my mood began to do the same.  We decided to keep shooting and find a place with shelter.  Laura and Jacob had come from NS and I from Fredericton. So we were determined to make this shoot happen no matter what.  The show must go on (said in my most theatrical voice)!

Our view from under our small shelter...
Our view from under our small shelter…

Athenais and her mom had scouted out this super cool location for our shoot, so we headed (in warm, dry cars) towards it.  We finally got to our location and guess what?  It was torn down! I’m not kidding you.  By this point our model’s hair was completely ruined and she was freezing (but of course, she did not complain ONCE). We were all soaking wet but we wanted, so badly, to get at least one good shot in the rain. Desperate and lacking resources,  we tried to salvage our model’s hair by pinning it up with the few bobby pins Laura had on her.  We also found a tiny section of the ruins with a roof for shelter.  Unfortunately, by this point, the silk I had dyed was completely soaked and it just would not float the way we had dreamed it would. This was not for lack of trying. I think Laura, Jacob, Nathalie, Athenais, Ryan and I all came close to falling over the rubbish at least once while trying to make that darn purple silk fly.

We did manage to get a few good shots though, thanks to the team of artists we had working together that day.  However, I am confident that if we had better weather, we would have had even more great shots to pick from:)

They say “everything happens for a reason.” I hope one day I find out what that reason was.



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