The Best Things in Life Are Free

As an artist, nothing makes you feel better than two things.  One is when something turns out EXACTLY like it is in your head.  It is the best feeling in the world.  Unfortunately this has only happened to me a couple of times, but when it does, it is so rewarding.  Number two, is when you see your work FINALLY FINISHED!  If you are an artist like me, you probably have a million ideas.  Some great, some not.  The problem with all of these ideas, is that you can’t possibly finish all of them.  My apartment (and car) is FULL of half way finished projects, sketches and supplies. I was one hundred percent convinced, at the time of purchase, that these supplies were going to go towards good use.  Ya.  Not so much. However, when you do finish something and you get to see it fulfill the role it was meant to (and not just sit crumpled up at the bottom of a  pile on your craft room floor), it is the happiest feeling you’ll ever get.  It is better than Christmas, it is better than Netflix, it is better than a poutin with extra cheese curds (and that is sayin’ somethin)!

Blue Silk Dress
Photography: Dale Preston
Surface Designer: Dee Wikie.
Fashion designer : Adrienne Goodine
Model: Athenais Testi

This team gives me that high.  Adrienne Goodine has a knack of taking my hand dyed silk, and making me love it so much more than I ever could have without her.  I am not joking.  I have literally dyed a piece of silk that looked like THROW UP. When Adrienne was done with it, I actually liked it!  Same with Athenais Testi.  She is beyond talented and professional. For a fourteen year old, that makes it even more impressive!  When Athenais is wearing my silk, I am immediately more happy with it.  I did not work personally with Dale, but look at this photo! Stunning.

All in all, I want this to be a reminder to myself, and to you: When it comes to art projects, we need to finish what we start. The end result is so worth it.



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