“Hi. My name is Dee Wilkie, and I’m an artist.”

11873807_10153199322229247_61047101039173767_nShit I didn’t know how hard writing a blog was going to be!  It is my deepest desire that this blog portrays everything that I hope it will, and is a source of humour, positivity, and creativity.

Three things you should know about me are… I love killer whales, Kim Kardashian, and my Krazy Kar (get it..Kardashian K’s…too much? lol)  My husband bought me my first car for Christmas a few years ago, and it is now held together by duct tape and zip ties.  (I have never felt like I belonged on the North Side of Fredericton more in my life.)  The back seat of my car is FULL of art supplies and finished art projects that are waiting to be sold.  My bff once asked me (seriously) if there was a body in the back seat.  In fact there was .  A mannequin I have yet to use.  Basically, my car sums up my life.  A whirl wind of good intentions, unfinished projects, and crushed dreams.  I mean bottles.

I should probably tell you my goal for this blog.  I want to showcase my art and the work of others. There is SO MUCH talent in Fredericton, and most of it goes unnoticed.  I would like to bring exposure to some of these very talented people, and give them the credit they deserve.  The hours and hard earned money that goes into these projects are unimaginable, and I feel like we as artists need someone in our corner to say, “keep going, don’t give up, keep working!”  I hope this blog is a place for artists to be encouraged, motivated, and appreciated for their efforts.

If you would like to see pictures of my work, and behind the scenes shots of upcoming projects, follow me on instagram @deesimonds

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” – Leonardo Da Vinci